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Wellbeing Wednesday

Assortment of fruti & a pair of shoes

Workout of the Week

About this workout:

This body-weight workout is designed to flow seamlessly from one movement pattern to another with the goal of improving both muscular strength and endurance, as well as coordination and flow.

This will be a full – body circuit that alternates the focus between upper body, lower body, and mobility to maximize space, time, and take advantage of metabolic processes

Aim to Perform this workout 2-3 times this week if manageable

Perform 2 sets with minimal rest before beginning the main workout

W1: Walkout x5
W2: Eccentric Dive Bombers x5
W3: Loaded Beast x5
W4: Loaded Beast Reaches x5 Ea.
W5: Deep Lunge with Rotations x5 Ea
W6: Loaded Beast to Wave Unloads x5
W7: Qpd. Scap CARs x5Ea

Main Workout:
You will need space in front of a sturdy box/bench or stair case for this workout
Repeat 2-3 times before cool down sequence

A1: Feet Elevated Pike Press x8 (vertical press)
A2: Loaded Beast x8 (Vertical Pull/Knee Dominant)
A3: Wave Unload x5 (Spine mobility)
A4: Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x8 Ea (Knee Dominant)
A5: Alternating Toe Taps on Box x10 Ea
(Walkout to next movement)
A6: Feet Elevated Push Up x5-8 (Horizontal Press)
A7: Side Kick Throughs x5 Ea (Rotary Stability)
(Beast-Crab Underswitches into crab to flow into next move)
A8: Crab Walk Fwd/Back x10 steps Ea/Ea (Core/Horizontal pull)
A9: Feet Elevated Glute Bridges x10 (Hip Hinge Dominant)
A10: Belly Breathing x 8 Breaths (Diaphragm/Recovery)

Cool Down:
Perform each movement as prescribed before flowing into next movement, repeat entire flow sequence 2-3 times

Z1:Pigeon Pose x15 seconds (9090 Transition between sides)
Z2: Bretzel 2.0 x15 seconds ea
Z3: Prone Cobras x 8 Reps
Z4: Childs Pose with Lat Stretch x15 seconds ea

Weekly Article Post

Nature Immunity – how grounding yourself in nature can improve your immune system

Grounding, aka earthing, is the use of direct skin contact with the earth through the hands and feet. This study from PubMed looks at the effects of grounding on inflammation and the immune response. 

Findings show improvements in sleep, cortisol rhythms, pain, stress, and speed of wound healing.  

The proposed mechanism behind 
grounding is that the direct contact with the earth transfers free electrons which may have antioxidant effects on both open wounds and “silent” inflammation. 

The conclusion of the article recommends that we occasionally ‘recharge’ the human system with conductive contact with the earth's surface, calling it the battery for all life.  

So, what ways can we practically begin to earth ourselves? 

Depending on your hobbies and skillsets, there are a multitude of options for grounding yourself. 

From walking barefoot in the grass or sand to climbing rocks and trees, connecting to nature is the key to boosting your immunity.  

If you'd like to check out the article for yourself, click here!

Weekly Nutrition Tip

Define What ‘Eating Clean’ Means to You, and Make it a Lifestyle - by Ty Crisostomo

Clean eating is an ambiguous buzzword in the health and wellness sphere, that holds a different meaning depending on who is using it.

Your gut microbiome and genetic coding (the way that your body responds to the information in food) is as unique as your fingerprint.

This is one of the bigger reasons why fad diets aren’t sustainable, if they even work in the first place.

A better strategy for improving your nutrition would be to find out which foods work best for you, and then making a habit of eating more of the ‘good’ stuff, some of the ‘alright’ stuff, and less of the ‘not so good’ stuff.

Simply labeling foods as good or bad, and placing them on one side or the other of a ‘to eat or not to eat’ divide isn’t the most effective strategy (habitually or psychologically speaking)

This is why Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition teaches coaches like me to help clients and patrons like you, learn to think about food in a differently.

His solution is to coach ‘Clean Eating’ on a continuum of “Eat More, Eat Some, Eat Less” or “Green Light Foods, Yellow Light Foods, and Red Light Foods” respectively.

The idea is, with some guidance, to place the foods that you eat into the continuum, and then consume them appropriately regarding their placement.

To help you categorize foods appropriately, think of the foods you eat in terms of Wellbeing Online’s two favorite Nutrition principles – JERF, and Eating the Rainbow.

JERF, or ‘Just Eat Real Food’ helps you place foods on the continuum relative to the amount of processing that they undergo.

Green light foods are wholesome, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts (and natural nut-butters), seeds, legumes, grains, whole or sprouted grain breads/pastas, and if you consume animal products, lean meat, fish, and eggs.

Yellow light foods are slightly more processed, but still contain some nutritional value, like tofu, medium-lean meats, protein powders, white-breads, pastas, trail mixes, and some oils and dressings.

Red light foods are highly processed, and generally don’t contain much value beyond palette pleasure and entertainment, such as cookies, candy, oils, processed soy and meats, protein bars, fried foods, etc.

Here’s the exercise:

Do a brain dump and write out a list of ALL of the foods that you consume on a regular basis.

Then, place them on the continuum of ‘Eat more, eat some, eat less’

That’s it!

Then, as you shop for ingredients and build your meals, prioritize green light foods, include some yellow light foods, and buy/consume less red-light foods.

As you go throughout this process, its helpful to remember your objective, and instead of saying “I cant have these foods” reframe your mindset as “I don’t want these foods, because they aren’t helping me move towards my goals” or something to that effect.

The idea isn’t to cut out all red light foods completely, but rather focus on getting more of the green light stuff that will help you achieve your goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to ‘eating from the rainbow’, choose fruits and vegetables (green light foods) that are diverse in vibrant colors, because this is nature’s way of indicating which vitamins and minerals are within.

If you would like to dive deeper on this concept, then check out this infographic from Precision Nutrition, and consider hiring a Pn Certified Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach to help guide you along the process!

I wish you growth and prosperity on your journey.

One Love,

Ty Crisostomo