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The basis of Spiritual Wellbeing is finding meaning and purpose to our life and our place in the greater universe. Referring to the purpose we discover for ourselves and the unique way that we have chosen to harmonize with the world around us can help us choose actions that are consistent with our personal beliefs and values. Reconciling our actions with our beliefs can be central to the development of spiritual wellbeing, among many other facets of our life.

Spiritual wellbeing can have a dramatic impact on various realms of wellbeing, particularly with respect to finding overall peace, harmony, and happiness with our life and surroundings. Becoming aware of how spirituality weaves into your life can be helpful in developing a integrated, holistic, and balanced self.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be participation in a religious organization or a non-religious experience that involves getting in touch with your self.
Some examples are:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • quiet reflection
  • art
  • activism

You may ask yourself, why are we here, is there something beyond the physical world that we can see? The brain naturally looks for patterns in sensory information as it processes the experiences. Our conscious selves tend to look for meaning in those patterns.

Expressing Yourself Through Art Is One Way to Explore Spirituality. 
Tune in to the webinar above with poet Rachel Morgan for a unique twist on making sense of the world through writing.

Below you'll find more webinars that'll help you get in touch with your creativity. 

Concert with Las Migas

A fascinating blend of Flemenco and Mediterranean styles. 

Memoirs as Instruments of Healing

with WSU professors and authors, Debbie Lee and Ray Sun.

Archival Impulse

with photographer Ayana V. Jackson, re-interpreting 19th-and 20th-century photos taken during African and American colonial expansion. 

Singing for Justice

A live performance of songs from the American Civil Rights Movement from WSU University Singers.

Media Literacy in Modern Life

Rituals and the way they function in relation to commercialization, to mass, to race and gender with Dr. David Leonard.

Inventing Authenticity

Fine art photographer and WSU professor, Denis Dehart, presents on the history on the art of photography and techniques to improve your personal photos.