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Wellbeing Online


Social wellbeing refers to our ability to interact successfully within a community and throughout a variety of cultural contexts while showing respect for ourselves and others. 
It encompasses our:
  • interpersonal relationships,
  • social support networks,
  • and community engagement. 
 To Achieve Social Wellbeing We Can:
  • acquire the skills to communicate effectively,
  • resolve conflicts,
  • transcend differences,
  • and provide leadership in community.  

Search through the Social Wellbeing subpages to learn more about how to incorporate mindfulness, how social networking positively and negatively impacts wellbeing, how to get involved with your community, WSU's E-Sports community, and how socializing affects mental health

 See the webinar above for tips on effective communication from Sara Wynne (EdM), such as
  • setting boundaries
  • communication styles
  • how to be assertive
  • common errors and how to fix them

Social Wellbeing Is So Much More

By understanding why we need to connect with others, this will have strong impacts on other areas of wellness. See this quick video below for more!