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Outdoor Fitness

An Introduction to Getting Outside

Colleen Palmiter of WSU Outdoor Recreation takes you on a micro-adventure in this webinar of how to get started with backpacking.

Webinar Highlights
  • Learn how to find trails that fit the intensity or distance away you're looking for
  • What materials to pack in order to be safe
  • How to choose and efficiently pack your backpack
  • Where to get gear
  • How to involve kids

More Outdoor Resources

Warm Up To Winter
Trail Running

Boost Your Social Wellbeing AND Physical

Join the PNW Outdoor Women Facebook Group to connect with like-minded people all over the region.

Read up on all things backpacking with Backpacker Magazine.

Boost Your Intellectual, Social, AND Physical Wellbeing

NOLS offers courses all over the world ranging from expeditions to wilderness medicine. Check out their financial aid page for payment options.

Find Your Adventure With REI

REI isn't just a great place for purchasing gear. They're also helpful for finding trips and even for providing education with classes and events, such as a gourmet camp cooking workshop.

National Fitness Campaign

Free Fitness

National Fitness Campaign designed a 7 movement, 7 minute functional workout that can be done on their Fitness Courts (free to use). The workouts are inclusive to a variety of fitness levels, providing a beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines.
Check here to find a Fitness Court near you.

If none of these locations are close to you, these exercises can be adapted to most any home or park setting.
Also check out the Anywhere Workout under the virtual workouts tab. 

Other Parks with Exercise Equipment

Seattle area

Thurston county, WA

Lewis County, WA


Spokane, WA