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Adaptive Fitness

Inclusive Equipment

Having access to equipment in the gym or at home that can be adapted to your needs makes all the difference in accessing fitness. The video above highlights a gym in Los Angeles, CA called CORE that is excellent at providing an inclusive atmosphere, and gives you ideas for exercises that are wheelchair friendly. 

For more seated workouts, refer to the videos below and

Adaptive Training Academy

The Adaptive Training Academy provides virtual small group training or personal training for adaptive athletes. A great way to have access to at-home fitness needs with professionals that work with adaptive athletes!

"ATA’s Fitness Foundations program provides people with disabilities an essential education in fitness training so that they can live an independent and healthy life. This program can be delivered in-person or virtually."

Seated Athlete Demonstrations

Adaptive CrossFit

WOD Your Way To Overall Wellbeing with CrossFit! 

The Working Wounded games allows everyone to have a chance to compete in the popular sport. 

Adapting with Barbells, Bands, Kettlebells, and More

Learn how to clean, an olympic weightlifting movement (also popular in CrossFit) with one arm using a dumbell and a barbell with Krystal Cantu (CF-L1).

A functional workout using bands and kettlebells, with and without a prosthetic with Bodyweight Muscle.