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Wellbeing Online


Physical wellbeing consists of the ability to perform physical activities and carry out social roles that are not hindered by physical limitations and experiences of bodily pain, and biological health indicators.

What You'll Find

Physical wellbeing includes more than just health statistics such as when to get cancer screenings. This realm also encompasses nutrition, exercise, sleep, mindfulness, and mental health. Search through the drop down menus under physical wellbeing to learn more about these topics.

Think about this...

Katie Iverson, UREC personal trainer, talks about strategies to set and accomplish your goals.
  • What physical activity do you most enjoy? How often do you do this activity vs. how often would you like to?
  • Are you conscious of the foods you put into your body?
  • When you get regular physical activity, do you recognize a change in your cognitive ability, physical strength and sense of self-worth?
  • What motivates you to set a goal?

Resources for Global Campus Students

Did you know that you have access to a gym membership reimbursement program? Check out the Cyber Coug Fitness Club page for info on how to sign up.

*note: if the link to the registration form is broken, try again when the registration date for the term in which you're applying for is open.