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Mindfulness at Work

Mindful Minute - Take some breaths when you first get to your desk at work to be present in that moment for 1 minute before you start any work.

Mindful Breathing - We tend to take shallow breaths when we are stressed, so deep belly breaths help us feel calm. Practice belly breaths for at least 1-3 minutes, focusing on your breaths and not other thoughts.

Mindful Listening - Being present with the conversation and person you're engaging with in that moment is important for avoiding workplace conflict or missing critical information. After the person is done with a thought, summarize it back to them. Doing so lets your coworker know that you were listening and ensures that you didn't miss any details.

Mindful Walking - Take a walk when you don't have to worry about how fast you are going. Instead of focusing on speed, pay attention to the scenery around you for an opportunity to become grounded

Mindful Interaction - Think about life from someone else's perspective. This is a great technique to diffuse emotions that could lead to negative workplace interactions.

It Just Takes 2 Minutes

Work can get stressful and make it hard to be productive. Follow this quick 2-minute video to focus and reset your mind. It just takes 2-minutes out of your workday.