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Test Taking Strategies

Become an A+ Test Taker

It's never too late to explore new exam taking strategies. Senior Career Advisor, James Bledsoe, shares his most valuable tips in the webinar below. 

Webinar Highlights
  • study schedule and getting organized
  • how to prepare for college tests
  • manage test anxiety
  • common test taking errors and how to avoid them
  • types of tests
  • avoiding burnout
General Tips on Test Taking
  • Don't schedule appointments immediately after a test. 
  • Don't study right up until the test.
  • Assess time.
  • Carefully read instructions. 
  • Jot down any immediate answers or pieces of key information that comes to your mind.
  • Answer questions worth the most points first.
  • Ask the instructor about any questions that you may have about test directions. 

Common Test Taking Errors and Solutions



Didn't follow test directions. Take time to breath and calm yourself before the test so you can read directions carefully.
Didn't calculate how much time to spend on each question. Try to figure out beforehand how many questions are on the exam. 
Didn't read the questions carefully.  Stay confident and calm! Remember that you prepared for the exam and that you've got this!
 Didn't understand a question.   Ask for clarification when you need it. Build a rapport with the professor during the term so you feel more confident about speaking up.
 Wrote a lot but didn't answer the question.   Make your first two sentences count and be direct. 
 Answer was disorganized.   Take a moment and think about how you want to answer before you submit an answer. 
 Handwriting was illegible/poor grammar/careless errors.   Use spellcheck, slow down, and know the material well. 
 Didn't know the subject matter very well.  Study until you feel like you're an expert on the subject that you just studied. Practice lecturing the material to yourself or friends. 

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