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Wellbeing Online

Research 101

Discover More About Your Field of Study

Get the on campus experience from wherever you're studying by being involved in research. Research allows you to make connections with what you learned in the classroom with real world problems. Tune in to the webinar above with the Director of Undergraduate Research (Dr. Shelley Pressley) and the director of the Online Psychology Degree Program (Dr. Lee Daffin). 

Webinar Highlights

  • 4 components of undergraduate research
  • why is research important and how can you transfer those skills?
  • available scholarships
  • what is SURCA?
  • How to present research virtually.
  • Research assistant vs independent study
  • deadlines for approving a project
  • research timeline 
  • student perspectives

Become a WSU Library Expert

Maximize your research skills by getting to know what WSU Libraries has to offer. For an overview, view the webinar "Introduction to WSU Libraries for Global Campus Students." Below you will find webinars on specific topics. 

More Webinars About Databases

Discover the Databases of WSU Libraries

Google Scholar

Organize Your Research

You've already put in the hours of work collecting articles, now learn how to organize your thoughts into a cohesive project with Zotero

Introduction to Zotero

Application of Zotero


During your academic career, you’ll likely be asked to annotate books and papers, which involves making notes directly on the text. In this first of a two-part webinar series, WSU academic librarian Lorena O’English discusses what exactly annotating is and different approaches for doing it.

Part 1

Part 2