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Mental Health

Empowerment Through Education

Throw away the stigmas you may have about mental illness and help those around you do the same.
In this Tedx Talk, neuroscientist Dr. Lamont Tang shares the mechanisms behind mental illness, dispels myths, and explains some connections between intellect and mental health. 
To learn about more ways you can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Everyone has Mental Health

Mental health affects all of us and it is so important to care for our individual needs and challenges. This TEDx with Hailey Hardcastle discusses solutions to mental health that are accessible to everyone.

Optimal Mental Health Is Key to Successful Learning

"If you're in school, you need to be healthy enough to learn," says Joshi MD and an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. Joshi, along with Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Pope talk about mental health and learning in their School's In podcast