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Wellbeing Online


Intellectual Wellbeing reflects our degree of openness to new ideas, propensity to challenge ourselves to think critically, inclination to nourish our creativity and curiosity, and motivation to master new skills. Intellectual wellbeing can be enhanced through life long integration of enjoyable, thought-provoking, and imaginative mental activities.

Continuing to learn about the world around us and allowing ourselves to grow from the integration of this new knowledge into our life can enhance our intellectual wellbeing.  For instance, learning about a new culture or philosophy increases not only one's intellectual wellbeing, but spiritual wellbeing as well.

Mind Mapping

Expanding  your mind is easier when you organize your thoughts, breaking ideas down into smaller parts, making connections between topics, and incorporate new information with existing information. 

The Webinar above with WSU librarian Holly Luetkenhaus shows you how to use this technique to your advantage. 

What You'll Find 

In the sub-pages of intellectual wellbeing, you'll learn:
  • test taking strategies
  • how to get involved with research as a Global Campus student 
  • how to navigate research search engines like Google Scholar and WSU Libraries 
  • what exercise does for your brain
  • how mental health and intellectual wellbeing are connected

Video Vault

The Academic category of the Global Campus Video Vault has webinars on a variety of topics for you to explore. 

This is just one of the many videos from the Academic category of the Global Campus Video Vault, which has webinars on a variety of topics for you to explore. In this specific webinar (right), James Bledsoe, from the College of Arts and Sciences, teaches us about new study strategies. James also provides valuable information on five ways to overcome test anxiety