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Financial Mental Health

Money and Your Mental Health

Poor financial wellness affects your:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • blood pressure
  • sleep
So it's important to take care of your finances before they can damage other areas of your health. The webinar above discusses how finances determines mental health and what you can do about it. Be sure to check out all of the pages in financial wellbeing to learn how to manage your money. 

Food Security

Not knowing where your next meal will come from, or not having access to proper nutrition causes mental and physical health to suffer. However, there are resources that you and your family can utilize to make the most of your situation. 
Check out the JERF and Food Security pages under physical wellbeing for information about how to eat balanced on a budget.

Housing Stability

“At the individual level, housing instability is associated with mental health problems (such as depression and anxiety/stress), hypertension and the destruction of protective health factors such as social bonds. At the communal level, displacement and neighborhood instability contributes to community fragmentation and social network disruption.”
Not having to worry about your living situation is essential for academic performance and overall wellbeing, but unfortunately finding affordable housing is becoming more difficult. Luckily there are resources available that can help you avoid homelessness or if you are already homeless. 
Solid Ground seeks to end poverty and undo racism by providing:
  • Anti-racism advocacy
  • Housing and homelessness resources
  • Nutrition support
  • Legal assistance
  • Financial Fitness Boot Camp
  • Transportation
  • Volunteers 

Housing Resources By City (WA)


Homes First


Community Action Center


Seattle Housing Authority




Second Step Housing