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Benefits of Getting Outside

A study showed that living near industrial activity correlated to negative thoughts about the neighborhood, feelings of powerlessness, and depression. On the flip side, adding more green spaces to urban areas decreased depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms. One study even discovered that greening Philadelphia led to a reduction in gun violence in the areas that had more nature. 
  • To learn more about how nature improves mood check out the video above and these articles: Oxford Research and Urban Habitat
  • If you want to understand the mechanisms in your brain that respond to nature (boost your intellectual wellbeing), give the video below a watch. Article sources are included in the video description
Be Present Tip:

In recent studies, it was found that time spent in nature and even gazing on green space has been linked to a reduction of stress levels for participants. Today find some time to connect with nature – even if it’s just for a few minutes. Wherever you are, see if you can be present in the moment. Notice what’s happening within you and around you. Take a stroll. Sit on a stoop. A breath of fresh air may help you feel refreshed. If - it’s sunny out, vitamin D can boost your immune system. Let yourself be filled up by the positive moments of your day.