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Be Present Tip:

Mindful communication – When you are speaking or listening to someone else, become aware of the sound of your own voice, or the voice of the other person. Each time your mind wonders off into other thoughts, kindly guide your attention back to the conversation without criticising yourself if you can.

Social wellbeing refers to our ability to interact successfully within a community and throughout a variety of cultural contexts while showing respect for ourselves and others.  It encompasses our interpersonal relationships, social support networks, and community engagement.  As a member of a community, we may develop satisfying relationships, a capacity for intimacy, an understanding of self in relation to others, and a sense of belonging.  To achieve social wellbeing, we can acquire the skills to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, transcend differences, and provide leadership in community.  Social wellbeing is interwoven into other dimensions of wellbeing through an emphasis on orienting the individual within a community context. 

Get connected with other Cyber Cougs through ASWSU's online student events.

Online Resources

Meetup.com- It is important to find balance in your life by attending to all of your needs. If you have particular interests or would like to join or 'meet up' with a group just to talk, you have many options at meetup.com. 

Minti- This website is helpful for working parents who at times find it challenging to juggle everything they have going on their lives. Minti was created by parents for parents with children of all ages.

Work it Mom- If you are feeling like you would like to connect, but not necessarily put anything out there quite yet, log on to the work it mom online community to read helpful blogs by working moms for other working moms.

Blogger- Interested in blogging with an even larger sphere of contact or maybe you already have a group of friends you can connect with online, but not so much free time? Why not blog online and invite specific friends to contribute to the dialogue or simply get to be a part of yours!

Students Over 30The ultimate resource guide for students over 30. StudentsOver30.com will demystify your social and academic concerns about returning to college as a mature age student. Because knowledge is power.