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5 Tips for Staying Accountable to Health and Fitness Goals at Work

When trying to stay healthy in the workplace, individuals often struggle due to a variety of obstacles. Coworkers bringing in food, pizza lunches, birthday cake celebrations, and hosting social outings all contribute to these setbacks in nutrition. The American Council on Exercise recommends five simple tips to curve temptations and set yourself up for success. These tips include remembering why you started, finding a partner, tracking food and progress, plan and prep, and lead the change.

Remembering why you started is an important concept to keep you on track with your goals. Taking brief moments before making decisions to remember why you’re trying to improve your health can help you say focused and give you the strength to say no to temptations. Finding a partner can also help ease the burden of temptation. Having a partner within the workplace to help keep you accountable can serve as both a reminder to make better decisions and act as a support network to help you reach your goals.

Tracking food and progress is essential to anyone trying to change their body/lifestyle. Tracking progress is not only a great way to see results, but a good way to stay motivated. Measuring progress to seeing consistent changes in your body can give you the confidence and will to achieve your goals. This attribute not only serves as feedback for your actions but can aid in accountability. Simply put, the better you stick to your goals, the more progress you will see, and the more progress you see, the more you will want to continue making the correct decisions.

Plan and Prep is also a huge part of success in the health and fitness world. Prepping food throughout the week will allow you to keep from eating out or eating unhealthy foods. If you know you’re going to have a busy week with little opportunity to cook, meal prep should be your go to. This insures that you always have something to eat that aligns with your current goals.

Lastly, American Council on Exercise recommends to lead the change. This tip is less about keeping yourself accountable and more about helping your fellow coworkers. Stick to your goals and show others that it can be done, you may just inspire someone else to take back control of their health. This can also turn into a support network that can be beneficial to everyone involved. You can also influence change within the company. Maybe instead of the weekly company pizza lunches, you can convince your workplace to bring in healthier options. By leading through example, you can provide change within the workplace and help others both directly and indirectly.

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