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These are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the CyberCoug Fitness Club. If you have additional questions please contact wellbeingonline@wsu.edu for more information.

Who is eligible for this program?

WSU Global Campus students who are full time (10-18 credits) at the time of registration, and are not OMBA or EMBA students are eligible for $125 reimbursement each semester. $100 towards gym membership fees and an additional $25 for completing healthy habits. Part time students (less than 10 credits) are eligible for up to $75 each semester: $50 towards gym membership fees and $25 for healthy habits.

What if I buy a membership annually?

No problem, just keep your receipts. You will have to submit your receipt each semester you would like to qualify for reimbursement. Make sure your receipt indicates the date range of your membership.

Are there limitations to the regestration process?

Registration is limited to Global Campus students and by the amount of funds available. We want to make sure we have the money to give you before you spend your own.

Does it have to be a certain facility (Gold’s Gym, Oz Fitness, or other chain)?

We don’t have specific requirements about facilities. We do ask that your facility has what we call ‘open recreation hours’ where you would be able to exercise most days of the week. If you are unsure, just ask before you buy!

I already have a membership, can I still get money back?

Yes! Just send us your receipt via Cougsync. Your receipt must show your name, the price per month and the dates covered by the purchase.

When will I get my reimbursement?

Reimbursements will be distributed at the end of each semester. This gives you plenty of time to complete healthy habits to get even more money!

How will my reimbursement be distributed?

Reimbursements will be placed on your student account. If you owe money on your account, the deposit will be credited towards your  balance.

What counts as a ‘healthy habit’?

Healthy habits are any activities or appointments that improve your health. Examples may include, fitness classes, personal training sessions, nutritional consultations, massage therapy, annual preventative check-ups (physical exam, eye doctor, dentist, etc.), and additional programs as approved by Wellbeing Online.

How much money am I eligible for?

If funds are available and you meet the requirements of the program, you can earn up to $125 each semester (fall, spring and summer). That’s $375 per year!

How can I check on my reimbursement?

To check your reimbursement status visit your student account history and look for “Online Stdnt Fitness Reimburse” credit.