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Be Present Tip:

When you move through your day it might be easy to fall into a comparison trap. Maybe you’ve been at the gym or grocery store and notice the person next to you seems closer to their goals than you’ll ever be to yours. Instead of comparing give yourself 5 minutes. Begin with your feet. Notice how your toes feel in your shoes. From there slowly move your awareness up through your body, checking in with each part- your legs, your belly, your head. Notice any sensations in the body, one part at a time. There is no right or wrong. You might be surprised at what you learn. This awareness will help you stay in tune with your body and help you move, rest and feed your body in the way that it needs. 

Physical wellbeing seems like a global term for a lot of topics: exercise, diet, sexual health, genetics, etc. Although there is a lot to keep in mind with physical health, we can all live well with a proactive approach and a little nurturing. Respect your body by eating healthy foods and staying hydrated. Build your physical endurance through regular exercise and respect your body's need for rest.

Think about this...

  1. What physical activity do you most enjoy? How often do you do this activity vs. how often would you like to?
  2. Are you conscious of the foods you put into your body?
  3. When you get regular physical activity, do you recognize a change in your cognitive ability, physical strength and sense of self-worth?

There is a lot of information out there regarding exercise and it can be difficult to know where to start. Try the WSU eXercise page to find ideas for exercises you can do at home or in a gym and use the tools provided to build and track your personal exercise program.

Online Resources

Healthy People- Health information and resources. Leading health indicators, assessments, and events.

WebMD- WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information.

Real Age- For information on overall wellbeing and physical health, access the Real Age site to find out what your Real Age is by incorporating various factors such as: actual age, dieting and exercise habits, personal care habits, etc. After your initial assessment, the website provides feedback and includes the option to send out regular information on how you can improve your calculated age to become a healthier person through holistic approaches.

ExRx- Have you been hitting the books and focusing too much on everything other than your personal fitness and health? Do you need something to motivate you to get back on track? Why not start out by taking a fitness test through ExRx? ExRx provides multiple fitness and wellbeing screening and testing tools for you to gauge where you are currently at in multiple respective areas: Health screening, body composition, blood cholesterol, Aerobic testing, and many more!

Smart Exercise for Senior Citizens-This page was added after a request by a Wellbeing Online participant who cares for her aging parents. Learn how to help those you love live better and longer.