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Be Present Tips: 

Here are some ways you can practice mindfulness during the workday.

  • Turn the radio off on your drive to work. Observe your thoughts and feelings as you drive. If someone cuts you off or if you are sitting in traffic, take a breath.
  • As you walk around the office, pay attention to your feet connecting with the ground, even for just a few steps. Notice if you’re racing from one task to the other.
  • Take a breath before and after each phone call, email or meeting.
  • Practice being aware of sensations in your body. Notice what it feels like to sit in your chair or stand at your desk. Use these sensations as cues to stand up or take a stretch break.
  • Notice when you need to take a bio break. Take a mindful walk to the rest room or water fountain. 
  • Begin a new lunch ritual. Sit down and relax when you eat your lunch – even if it’s just for five minutes. Turn away from your computer and phone. Notice the color, texture and smell of your food.
  • Before you walk into your home, pause and take a breath to let the worries of the work day fall away.

You may notice there’s a theme here. Mindfulness is much more than pausing and taking a breath – but this is a great place to start! 

Occupational Wellbeing is expressed by the degree of personal satisfaction and enrichment in our life through our occupation. Enhancing our occupational wellbeing may include finding a job that integrates and balances our skills and interests, or discovering a more satisfying way to incorporate our skills and interests into our current career. It also may encompass maintaining a suitable balance between work and other dimensions of our life. Finding a healthy way to integrate work into our life can enhance personal satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

Online Resources

O*NET®- The nation's primary source of occupational information. The O*NET database, contains information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors, and it also provides the basis for our Career Exploration Tools.

Occupational Wellness- Understand the definition of occupational wellbeing. Assessments and tools provided.

Job Central- Helping to find jobs in your areas of interest. General information and resources about the National Labor Exchange and job opportunities.

Career One Stop- Truly a one stop shop for career exploration, education and trainings, job searches, resume/interview tips and general information on salary and benefits.

Careers.wa.gov- Includes a job search function for Washington, Career & Life in Washington, State Employee Information, and professional development resources.

Workforce Explorer Washington- Labor market information, Career Center, WA Labor Market, and Publications and Reports.