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Be Present Tip:

It’s easy to get carried away with your feelings. Kids try your patience, your “to do” list is growing and you’re completely worked up – sometimes all before breakfast. Today, see if you can honor any feelings that bubble up. Notice if you’re feeling afraid, angry, sad, frustrated or exhausted. Instead of being overwhelmed with feelings, you can pause and pay attention to your breathing while observing your feelings. Notice if you are holding tension in your neck or worry in your tummy. This will help you respond with intention rather than react. You may find you have more control over your behavior after witnessing your emotions. 

Emotional Wellbeing focuses on your ability to experience, recognize and express a full range of emotion, and channel these emotions in healthy and effective ways. Your emotional health can effect all eight dimensions of wellbeing so it is important to understand where you are emotionally and what tools are available to help improve your emotional wellbeing.

Try this Emotional Wellbeing Assessment today to gain a deeper understanding of your current emotional wellbeing and find ways to improve this dimension of wellness!

Online Resources

National Institute of Mental HealthSuicide is a major public health concern. Know the facts and find resources for you or someone in need. 

Infinite Wellness Solutions Look up different ways to manage your stress and download resources and handouts.

Meaning and Happiness A website committed to relaying information rooted in psychology research to readers in connectable and accessible ways. This blog-based website features information provided by psychologists on the meaning of life and how to cultivate happiness into our lives.

Western Washington University Counseling Center Watch relaxation videos to decrease your stress and enhance your resiliency.

Befrienders Worldwide An online resource providing phone numbers for support in times of crisis, sadness or loneliness. The link provided contains support lines for all states in the US, scroll down to find Washington, or use this resource if you need it elsewhere.

Healthy People 2020 Your U.S. government gateway to reliable health information resources that have been carefully selected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from over 1,700 government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Every resource listed includes a brief description and contact information for the organization that produces it, no mystery web sites are found here!

WebMD WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information.